No One Can Own Your Soul

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It is heresilent and waitingthe fearIt slipped in while we weren’t lookingIngrained itself in our thoughtsMade itself at homein everything we boughtIt’s in the airworking on our brainsunderneath our hairIt laughs while we writheinto fetal postions and cryit will not sympathizeIt’s in everything we doyou can’t hideYes, even youIt is hereloud and laughingthe fear

It is here
silent and waiting
the fear

It slipped in while we weren’t looking
Ingrained itself in our thoughts
Made itself at home
in everything we bought

It’s in the air
working on our brains
underneath our hair

It laughs while we writhe
into fetal postions and cry
it will not sympathize

It’s in everything we do
you can’t hide
Yes, even you

It is here
loud and laughing
the fear