No One Can Own Your Soul

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Justin Hollar - Untitled, 2007

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My nemesis has been spotted. Operation Annihilate All Dust is now activated.

It whispered in
underneath the floorboards
in such a way
that by the time I realized it was here
the tendrils had coiled about my legs
and it had become a shawl about my
warming me
and promising
and I began
to wither
into the ever
leaving only my shell
to tell the tale.


Statue of a crouching child

c.300 BC


(Source: The British Museum)

The gulls amassed in
a discordant drown
when watching the woman
walk on water

She looked back at her
sandy shoreline of
cotton candy madness
and musicians who were
bartenders who were eye candy
for the blind

The numbers were as infinite
as the columns of the Parthenon
she would count them
she reached the south where
the accident occurred
and never let her feet
touch the special interchange
of columns
left standing by
the robotics of the old world

but she could never outrun
the drowning of the gulls.

Thanks to Men Along The Shore for the writing prompt! 


John William Waterhouse - Saint Eulalia (1885)

I could use some writing prompts today. Do you have any? Or you could just ask me anything? :)

There are dirt piles

where the playground used to be

and crackheads pissing in the

baseball field box

Broken bottles and 

trash live under the bleachers


birds sell cigarette butts

at the concession stand

On the train tracks

where my mother’s car

was hit 

there’s a lazy memorial

next to a pile of dog shit

and this is why

I can’t look back

the present is no gift

and the future

will reveal

far too much






He is a sleep shifter
a nebulous drifter
following me through dreams

He is an ancient revenant
a vexing miscreant
following me through screams

But the fire in my soul
will burn him down.


“Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.” - Dylan Thomas

Artwork by: Dipomaster



'The Lion King' Karen Elson photographed by Tim Walker for Love #10